Dear BNCT researchers,

it is an honour to welcome you all in Pavia for the 8th Young Researchers BNCT Meeting.

Cortile Teresiano

Since its first edition in Petten (NL), this has been the occasion for students, post-doc and young researchers to exchange ideas, present their results and chair sessions in an international and multidisciplinary environment.  Young members have the possibility to meet their colleagues and learn the basics and the latest improvement of the method from distinguished BNCT experts. Moreover, in few intense days, they can create a net of relations that may help to develop their own career and to establish new collaborations. We have participated to some of the past Young meetings, and we were impressed for the scientific quality of the contributions and for the positive feelings and enjoyable atmosphere, both at the scientific sessions and during the social program.

Statua di Volta

This edition will be held in Pavia, inside our ancient University, in the year of the 50th birthday of the TRIGA reactor where two patients affected by liver metastases were treated by out-of body irradiation, opening the chapter of ex-situ BNCT. We are working to ensure a solid future to BNCT application in Italy, following the encouraging path already opened of the accelerator-driven BNCT. Pavia is the city of CNAO, one of the six carbon ion therapy centres in the world, and delivering also proton therapy. BNCT with the INFN accelerator would enlarge the number of patients accessing experimental radiotherapy, offering new therapeutic options to tumours that are still a challenge.

LENA Triga Mark II

We are very proud to host BNCT young community in our city, and we will do our best to offer an interesting congress and especially a pleasant experience: join us and enjoy 8YBNCT!

Silva Bortolussi

on behalf of the Organizing Committee of
the 8th Young Researchers BNCT Meeting


Organizing Committee

Silva BortolussiINFN, Pavia
Nicoletta ProttiUniversity & INFN, Pavia
Ian PostumaUniversity & INFN, Pavia
Laura CansolinoUniversity of Pavia
Cinzia Ferrari University of Pavia
Saverio AltieriUniversity & INFN, Pavia


Local Committee

Francesca Ballarini – University of Pavia and INFN Pavia, Italy
Mario Pietro Carante – University of Pavia and INFN Pavia, Italy
Paolo Dionigi – S.Matteo Polyclinic Foundation and University of Pavia, Italy
Setareh Fatemi – University of Pavia and INFN Pavia, Italy
Oreste Nicrosini – INFN Pavia, Italy
Michele Prata – Laboratorio Energia Nucleare Applicata Pavia, Italy
Barbara Smilgys – University of Campinas and University of Pavia, Brazil/Italy
Valerio Vercesi – INFN Pavia, Italy

Scientific Committee

Diego Alberti – University of Turin, Italy
Tooru Andoh – Kobe Gakuin University, Japan
Cinzia Ferrari – University of Pavia, Italy
Mario Albero Gadan – CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sara González – CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hanna Koivunoro – Varian, Finland
Alexandr Makarov – Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia
Davide Moro – INFN, Legnaro National Laboratories, Italy
Andrea Monti Hughes – CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Desire Ngoga – University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Ben Phoenix – University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Agustina Portu – CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Yoshinori Sakurai – Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, Japan
Manuel Sztejnberg Gonçalves-Carralves – CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hiroki Tanaka – Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, Japan


Marina VenturaINFN Pavia, Italy
Luciana Vitali
– INFN Pavia, Italy