In order to offer you the possibility to merge with Pavia traditions, we reserved a number of rooms inside the historical University Colleges spread in the cities. It is a student-like accommodation, with the possibility to choose between single room or double room with private or shared rest rooms, with different rates. Please, check the list of the available colleges and the table with their description. If you are interested in this kind of accommodation, please fill the FORM for the reservation ( please don’t contact the Colleges directly ! ) . As they are not conventional hotels we will reserve the room for you according to the preferences that you indicate.

Collegio Borromeo
Collegio Cardano
Collegio Don Bosco
Collegio Sant’Agostino
Collegio Santa Caterina
Collegio Senatore
Collegio Spallanzani




Personal Information

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College preferences

Please provide a list of three preferences among the available University Colleges:
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[contact-field label=’3rd choice’ type=’text’/]
[contact-field label=’Special request’ type=’text’/]
Please note. The 8YBNCT Local Organizing Committee will do its best to meet your preferences. Due to the limited number of available rooms in some Colleges, we beg your collaboration and flexibility in case we would not be able to comply with your preferences. In this case, we will inform you as soon as possible about the other available options.

Arrival and departure dates

[contact-field label=’Arrival Date’ type=’select’ options=’11 September,12 September,13 September,14 September,15 September,16 September’ required=’1’/]
[contact-field label=’Estimated time of arrival’ type=’text’ required=’1’/]
[contact-field label=’Departure Date’ type=’select’ options=’15 September,16 September,17 September,18 September,19 September’ required=’1’/]

Please, inform the 8YBNCT Local Organizing Committee ( as soon as possible about any variation in your arrival/departure time.

Please note. University Colleges don’t generally accept payment by credit card or similar. The only accepted form of payment is in cash.